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Namasté and Welcome to Yoga Serenity!
Yoga and Meditation Supplies For Health and Harmony!
A great yoga practice begins with great yoga supplies!  A discount yoga mat provides a firm foundation for your yoga practice.  With our cheap yoga mats and other yoga supplies you will be able to execute your postures with confidence!  We offer the finest quality cheap yoga mats anywhere.  Select one of our unique yoga pilates mat tote bags to carry your discount yoga mat with you.  You may also prefer one of our unique discount yoga mats like an ashtanga yoga mat, microfiber mat, or one of our new yoga towels.  Whether you are just beginning your yoga experience or deepening your practice, our discount yoga supplies are just what you need.  We provide all the essential wholesale yoga props from a variety of yoga bolsters to yoga foam blocks and even yoga blankets.  Your yoga practice isn't complete without affordable meditation supplies. Choose from seagrass yoga meditation chair, zafu meditation cushions and more to help put your body and mind in a deeply peaceful state.  We also have tables to go along with our selection of meditation chairs.  Practicing yoga will allow you to focus on and connect with your breath-, mind-, and physical-body to relieve stress and create inner peace.  Whatever your level we have the discount yoga supplies and meditation supplies and you need to bring yoga serenity to your life!

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BackJack Chair

Paisely Saree Fabric Yoga Mat Bag
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Seagrass Meditation Chair
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Introducing the BodyBuddies Acupressure Mat ...

The Acupressure Mat by BodyBuddies
Yes!  Those mats with spikes that have been in the news, written about and reviewed by bloggers, and featured on TV shows like the Dr. Oz Show, CBS News and ABC News. Acupressure mats are already highly successful in Europe. 
A rest secret in India!  Like a bed of nails, the spikes on the acupressure mats stimulate acupressure factors and release hormones to more fully relax your muscles. These mats are recommended by Dr. Oz for weight loss, for back pain, and to aid in sleeping. So why not get rid of those aches and pains with The Acupressure Mat and feel good again!  
Experience total relaxation with Body Buddies!

Triangle Pose on Sticky Yoga Mat

Yoga Fitness Balls

Embroidered Chakra Yoga Mat Bag
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Chakra Symbols
Down the Front!
Lotus Pose on Yoga Mat

OM Logo Carpeted Floor Mat  5' x 3'
Happiness, fulfillment, and purpose in life are all inner concepts.
If you don't have inner peace and serenity, then you have nothing.
Wayne W. Dyer

The Yoga Lifestyle
We are dedicated to promoting a healthy and well-balanced life through yoga by offering you premium quality yoga supplies, meditation supplies, and yoga props to build a yoga practice that is customized to what your body needs so that you will have a comfortable and rewarding experience.  Practice Being in the Present Moment with Yoga and you will be able to create the Mind, Body, Spirit connection through which you can attain physical and mental well-being!
How To Get There
A reliable yoga package will provide you with a satisfying workout . . . whether you are looking for colorful cheap yoga mats, yoga towels, or an ashtanga yoga mat to hold your poses, yoga foam blocks to modify your postures, yoga bolsters for restorative poses, yoga blankets to warm or cushion you, a unique yoga pilates mat tote, one of our zafu meditation cushions or meditation chairs to aid you in your meditation, or all of the above . . . we have the discount yoga supplies you need!
Select a set of quality yoga products so you can create a quality yoga practice to bring healing energy into your life! You owe it to yourself to experience . . . Yoga Serenity!

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